What to look for in a pollution mask?
  • Face masks that filter out airborne particles can make a big difference in your exposure to air pollution. A facemask with a high quality filter that fits properly can be an effective measure against the inhalation of harmful pollutant particles as small as PM 2.5.When shopping for a mask, you should look for one with either a N99, N95 or P100 rating or certification from the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). The NIOSH N95 certification, for example, means that the mask should filter out 95 percent of particles greater than 0.3 microns, which is much smaller than PM 2.5. N99 respirators filter greater than or equal to 99 percent of these particles. The European equivalent to the NIOSH certification is EN 149 FFP2.If you are looking to purchase a mask, do some background research on the internet and take into consideration the following suggestions:
    • Look for masks that have at least an N95 rating
    • Make sure the mask fits securely and that there are no gaps to let outside air in.

    (A gap in your mask that allows air in completely negates any benefit or protection you would get from filtering out pollutant particles.)

    • Check the mask’s material to ensure that it can filter out small particles (i.e. PM 2.5)
    • Make sure it is well ventilated
What materials are used in the Mask?
  • Vogmasks are made of the following components:
    • Outer layer is polyester microfiber printed with non toxic vegetable based inks by thermal transfer
    • Middle layer is N99 polypropylene filter
    • Active carbon layer is coconut shell derived active carbon
    • Trim and ear loops are latex free spandex
    • One way exhale valve is plastic with rubber seal

What size should I order?
  • The size recommendations (weight based) are:Single Valve/No Valve
    • XSmall (10-24 lbs / 4-10 kg) ? (No Valve)
    • Small (25-50 lbs / 11-22 kg) ? (Single Valve)
    • Medium (51-132 lbs / 23-60 kg) ? (Single Valve)
    • Large (133-200 lbs / 60-90 kg) ? (Single Valve)
    • XLarge (200+ lbs / 90+ kg) ? (Single Valve)
    L=Large Fits men and normal-larger faced women and teens 14+, over 54 kgs
    M=Medium Fits small faced women and large child 8+, under 54 kg
    S=Small Fits 3-7 Years
    XS=X-Small Fits 0-2 Years

    Double Valve

    These masks are slighly larger in surface area and come in two sizes:

    • Medium (84-143 lbs / 38-65 kg)
    • Large (145-218 lbs / 66-99 kg)
Is this a Medical Mask?
  • Please note Vogmask is a product to prevent inhaled contaminants. We do not target medical workers as the mask use by doctors and other medical professionals is to prevent germs from being exhaled, and reaching the patient.There are however strong markets in health among post-op patients, people in cancer therapy, immune depressed, cystic fibrosis, and other respiratory conditions that require minimum exposure to germs and pollutants, for which the Vogmask is a recommended product by Doctors.

How do I wash the vogmask?
  • Vogmasks may be hand washed and hung dry. Do not submerge the entire mask in water; just rise outer and inner layer. You may use a disinfectant wipe. Do not put in washer or dryer, as successive exposure of the middle filter layer will eventually affect filtering efficiency.
What is the difference between with valve and without valve?
  • While we breathe in through the N99 microfiber filter, we exhale through the plastic valve.The exhale valve is essential for warm countries like India. It ensures a seamless outflow of exhaled air so that you do not feel warm or moist with the mask on.For people that are active – runners, bicyclists, brisk walkers, etc., we recommend the masks with 2 exhale valves.
  • Vogmasks are reusable, depending on the environment. In severe air pollution the life will be reduced.When the middle filter layer becomes saturated with microscopic particles, there is a sudden increase in breathing resistance, and that will signal the time for replacing the mask.

How effective is the N99 mask? Also, do you need replacement filters?
  • The masks have a middle layer filter tested at filtering 99% of particles over 0.3 microns, making them the highest filtering face piece available for non oil airborne particles such as those found in air pollution. Short of a full powered respirator, they are the premier filtering mask for air pollution.The NIOSH N99 filter efficiency as stated in 42 CFR Part 84.181is a minimum efficiency for eachfilter of 99% (:51% penetration) . The test articles submittedby the sponsor conform to the NIOSH N99 criteriafor filter efficiency.The filters are not replaceable. You have to replace the whole mask after 6-8 months(based on your usage), once the filter layer is clogged with particles. The valve is a one way exhale valve for facilitating easy breathing on exhale – it prevents the moisture build-up.Vogmasks are also known for highest comfort, style, and fit.
How do we determine whether we should buy a mask with a single exhale valve or a double valve?
  • N99 CV include N99 filter layer sewn into the mask, active carbon filter middle layer (coconut shell derived), and one way exhale valve to facilitate easy breathing on exhale. The one way exhale valve is the round disk on the mask. It is activated by inhalation when the seal positions into the valve and prevents any unfiltered air from entering the mouth and nose. Upon exhalation, the exhaled air exits through the valve making it very easy to exhale.Vogmasks with the description N99 C2V include N99 filter layer sewn into the mask (not replaceable), active carbon layer, and two one way exhale valves for the coolest and easiest mask use, especially in warmer temperatures. Like the masks with one valve, the two one-way exhale valves function to prevent any inhaled unfiltered air on inhalation and valves provide for exhalation of used air.The single valve masks are good for every day use, while the double valve masks are better if we are doing any activity that raises our heart rate and breathing – bicycling, running, vigorous walking, etc.
Why do the Extra Small(XS) masks come without an Exhale Valve?
  • Vogmask XS are special manufacturing with middle layer of N99 filtering efficiency. X-Small sized Vogmasks do not include aluminum nose band, active carbon layer, or one way exhale valve for safety reasons with very young people. All children in Vogmask, whether it be XS, S, or M should wear Vogmask under the supervision of an adult.
What does the mask actually protect from?
  • The N99 and the Active Carbon filter protect from the following:
    • PM 2.5 particles – using a revolutionary microfiber filtration fabric it filters an average of 99.978% of particulate matter such as tiny .3 micron particles.
    • Dust
    • Germs
    • Pollen
    • Mold spores
    • Allergens
    • Bacteria
    • Other airborne contaminants
Who should wear the mask?
  • Anyone wishing to help protect from airborne contaminants down to 0.3 microns will benefit from wearing a mask. People who have found Vogmask most helpful are those with allergies, wheezing, fragile immune systems, travellers, commuters, bicyclists, hikers, walkers, hobbyists, or anyone who is outdoors when air quality is hazardous. Children and elderly are particularly susceptible to dangers of contaminants in air pollution.When Air Quality Index exceeds 150+ (Unhealthy to Hazardous) as occurs in many cities in India, we strongly recommend that children and seniors are protected. Everyone feels better and happier protecting themselves from breathing small particles found in poor air quality.Vogmask is a highly efficient, simple and effective tool for protecting your respiratory health.