Indoor air quality (IAQ)

Indoor environment quality (IEQ)




1. Disinfect Air Handling Unit
A clean and sanitized heating and cooling system provides healthier,fresher indoor air.

2. Maintain Sanitized Air Handling Unit
Tea tree oil maintains a sanitized condition with its natural antimicrobial and disinfectant properties
while providing the treated room with a very attractive scent.

3. PURE Clean
A special solution cleans soft surfaces to remove dirt, bacteria, mold, and other allergy triggers.

4. High Ozone Shock Treatment
This on- time treatment removes lingering odors, leaving the air fresh and crisp.

5. PURE Shield
A unique bacteriostatic barrier/repellent is applied to all surfaces in the room, making it virtually
room, making it virtually impossible for microorganisms to grow.

6. Medical Grade Air Purifier
This powerful, medical grade air purifier removes up to 99.99% of all viruses, bacteria and
other ultra-fine particles in the air.

7. Allergy-Friendly Bed Encasements
Mattress and pillow encasements act as a barrier against dust mites and other allergens.

Each of these seven steps represents a significant stand-alone opportunity. During installation, no structural changes in the
rooms are made. No assistance from technical staff is needed. Our certified technicians are totally self-contained and possess extensive work experience in technical operations.

The PURE Program is implemented at the corporate level of every major U.S. Hospitality Company from Hilton, to Hyatt and Starwood to Marriott. This was the first service program to win the prestigious Parent Approved Seal.

Pure Global is proud to state that the PURE process has been rated the 1st luxury amenity in the hotel industry. With the spike in Global IAQ concerns, PURE is projected to become the 1st Indoor Environmental Quality Company in the World by 2019.



Hospitals and clinics all over the world are adapting the PURE WELLNESS process for their critical and non-critical care spaces. It provides a sterile and allergy-free environment to the patients which assists in infection control and faster patient recovery.


Gyms are proven to have the worst air quality of any indoor environment. Fitness enthusiasts have a desire to stay healthy and work out in a fresh indoor environment. We gives the facility a competitive advantage and gives the patrons peace of mind.


With millions per month experiencing PURE, in 2018 PURE has embarked on our first full blown residential offering. Consumers are willing to pay upwards of 30-50 USD more per night for a PURE WELLNESS room in a hotel, now they can bring the experience home for a fraction of the cost.


Studies show air quality plays a very important role in an employee’s productivity. We give an opportunity to employers to provide the next level comfort and wellness for the most valued asset of the organization.


Air quality plays a major role in cognitive function. Learning, schools are partnering with PURE to provide the healthiest learning environments in the world. Further, major U.S. based scholastic institutions have begun equipping student housing with the comprehensive PURE program.


Guests suffering from asthma and allergies represent approximately 20-25% of the world’s population, for whom breathing the highest quality of indoor air is a necessity. They don’t mind to pay a small premium and enjoy the comfort and relief of a PURE Wellness Room. Also, business travelers who want to have a great night’s sleep to maximize their time on a business trip seek the benefits of a PURE Room.


From super yachts and ferries to the world’s most luxurious cruise lines, PURE has become a brand standard to provide the next level of comfort and wellness for their most discerning guests.

Reputation of a Leader