idMASK2 helps to inhale what lungs demand – Clean Air.

Available Size Variants

idMASK2 (L)

Fits adults 66 kg or above

The silicone facial seal keeps out defiled air while keeping up the solace. Even if you are at the gym, the cover keeps the quality and avoids irritation.

idMASK2 (M)

Fits adults 36 to 65 kg

Malleable and soft nose clip for effective Respiratory. The airtight face fit won’t worry you from your health routine. Wear it with ease.

idMASK2 (Kids)

Suitable For kids 5-10 years old under 35 kg

The soft silicone facial seal keeps out contaminated air while maintaining the comfort. The Lightweight of the mask avoids itchiness while retaining the quality.


idMASK2 Filters

idMASK2 Shield

Light & Airtight

idMASK2 protects From

Choose Your Tint

idMASK2 Shield is available in three colors and size variants. Choose the variant which suits you the best.




Product & Accessories

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